We have the opportunity to transform the hostel industry sector and to contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

It has been very clear that we need to accelerate climate change mitigation and adaptation. Recent and repeated climate catastrophes on all continents have also spoken loud and clear: the cost of doing nothing is very high. Rebalancing our relationship with nature is essential to regenerate both its ecological health and our personal, social and economic well-being. This requires addressing solutions with a constructive, proactive and collaborative approach, being aware of the magnitude of the challenge ahead.

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The hostel industry sector reaches almost every cornerof the society. This makes the many establishments in the sector (bars, cafés and restaurants) be important catalysts for necessary technological and cultural changeto build a climate neutral and resilient economy.

We can

Transform the sector in concordance with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Businesses of the hostel industry sector, although not very intensivein greenhouse gas emissions, can quickly change the way they offer experiences avoiding generating emissions and the wasting of large volumes of materialsand, by that, to contribute to the net cero emissionsobjective before 2050.

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You want to join?

There is no time for more delays. It is time to reduce to the fullestgreenhouse gas emissions. We are aware that the climate change is so challenging that we all have to compromise, not only the governments.


Frequently asked questions

More information on the operational guidelines of the Sharm El Sheikh Declaration and the signatories’ commitments.


Who are we

The promoters of the initiative seek to mobilize the hospitality sector to contribute effectively to climate action.

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