We have the opportunity to transform the hostel industry sector and to contribute to achievingthe Paris Agreement

Because hostel industry businesses, although not very intensivein greenhouse gas emissions, can reduce them considerably and, by that, to contribute to the net cero emissionsobjective before 2050.The last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changehad been very clear:we need to go further in adapting and mitigating towards climate change. The last and repetitive climate catastrophes in every continent too had shown it clearly: the cost of doing nothingis very high. To rebalanceour relationship with nature is essential to regenerate the environmental health as well as our personal, social and economic well-being. It requires to address solutions with a constructive, proactive and collaborative focus, while being aware of the scale of the challenge ahead.

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The Sharm El Sheikh Declaration

Bars & Restaurants #ForTheClimate

The firming entities declare their commitmentto unite to every actor already compromitted in the hostel industry sector to contribute effectively to climate action, recognizing that:

Out model of action can participate ambitiously to the necessity to globally reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and for that, we are supporting the global objective to reach net cero emissionsas soon as possiblebefore 2050.

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There is no time for more delays. It is time to reduce to the fullestgreenhouse gas emissions. We are aware that the climate change is so challenging that we all have to compromise, not only the governments.


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The Sharm El SheikhDeclaration aims to lead and to promote further climate action of each actor of the hostel industry, contributing effectively to climate action.

Academia Iberoamericana de Gastronomía



Ahora Perú

Asobares- Asociación de bares de Colombia

Carolina Chavez Vivaa

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde

Hostelería de España


Jose Antonio Villanueva Muñoz

K&Co Sustainable Kitchen Bar

Marcas de Restauración

Marelvi Mora López

Net Zero Now

PYMES Climate Hub

Restaurant la Visteta

Restaurante La Finca

Restaurante La Salita

Ricard Camarena Restaurant

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