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All actors and stakeholders in the hotel and catering industry canbe signatories of the Sharm El Sheikh Declaration: chains and large restauration companies, small businesses and PYMES, and suppliers’companies. Sectoral organizations and other entities and institutions too.


Net Zero Now

Restaurant la Visteta

Jose Antonio Villanueva Muñoz

Carolina Chavez Vivaa

Academia Iberoamericana de Gastronomía




Marelvi Mora López

K&Co Sustainable Kitchen Bar

Hostelería de España

Asobares- Asociación de bares de Colombia

Ahora Perú

Marcas de Restauración

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Restaurante La Salita

Ricard Camarena Restaurant

Restaurante La Finca

Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde

PYMES Climate Hub

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There is no time for further delay. It is time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and to carry out ambitious adaptation plans and the search for alternatives.We are aware that the climate challenge is so enormous that we have to act as all people, not just the governments.


Tools for the signatories

We present the repository of tools for climate actionfor the hostel industry: we are facilitating tools and resources to help the signatories to implement the commitments of the Sharm El Sheikh Declaration.

You can share with us pertinent resources for the hostel industry to: barsandrestaurants@fortheclimate.org

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